The best kept "secret" at the Centre Club in Libertyville is Terrylynn, a highly skilled and knowledgeable esthetician. Each time I've received a facial from her, she has completely individualized the experience. On my most recent visit I had a headache, so she crafted the most relaxing techniques to deal with it, on top of a wonderful facial. She truly cares about people, and her profession allows her to provide the most beneficial and up-to-date methods to help each client. During my first visit, she carefully explained each procedure and product as she went through the process. I look forward to each visit for complete relaxation. Please don't hesitate to set up an appointment; you will be amazed!

Ann Pfeil, Fitness Instructor

Terrylynn is the most educated esthetician I know in her field. She is friendly, offers advice without pushing to buy her products and extremely attentive. I am highly impressed with the quality of instruction she offers. I can honestly say she is an outstanding skin care specialist. I have recieved a truly customized facial each visit that leaves my skin smoothed and hydrated. Her touch and massage techniques are especially noteworthy as well. Her personal and professional skills enhance this experience.

Linda A. Benton, Recruiter/fitness instructor

Benton Search Associates, Inc.



I consider going to Ageless Beauty with Terrylynn a wonderful and indulgent treat for myself. People who know me would not think that I'm the type of person who would have a facial every 6 weeks. I am a yoga instructor and wear little makeup. However, I have decided that having a facial with her is such a relaxing, sensuous experience that I want to make it a regular part of my life. She is extremely professional and the dark and warm room with all the marvelous scents that she uses throughout the treatments invoke a wonderful sense of deep relaxation and peacefulness. The fact that what she does has helped improve the quality of my skin and make me look more youthful is an added bonus. Having a facial with Terrylynn is money well spent and something that you will never regret.

 Martha Cournoyer


I go see Terrylynn every 6 weeks-love the pampering, love the whole experience-but most of all love how my skin, eyebrows, and lips look after a treatment, waxing or tinting. And I like the fact that my treatment is based on what she feels my skin should have-many times she's told me I don't need the new, more expensive treatment she is offering because my skin condition doesn't call for it. Believe me you will enjoy every minute!

Barb Spigner/ Libertyville, Il


Hi Terrylynn,

I think the word I have settled on for how my skin feels after one of your facials is "nourished". My skin feels soft, beautiful and clean,,,but the best is how nourished it feels.

Thank you!

Linda Kraemer/Libertyville, Il


As a person who had never had a facial nor really thought that I might need one...I can say that Ageless Beauty and Terrylynn have far exceeded my ecpectations. The first class treatment that I receive is truly remarkable and the change in my skin has been surprising to me. I'm in the sun a lot and by having a variety of treatments has vastly improved the condition of my skin...I'm very greatful for the professional expertise that I receive. I highly recommend Ageless Beauty...Terrylynn is an expert in her field.

Scott Thurber/ Vernon Hill, Il


Where do I begin! Since going to Terrylynn for my facials my skin has never looked better. Her techniques and products used are amazing! What I love about her is she is constantly going back to classes to learn the newest in anti-aging. I have recently started getting microdermabrasion treatments from Terrylynn and this has actually removed the fine lines around my eyes and forehead, encouraging new cells to grow, making my skin look young again...I am 61 yrs. old! My face has a glow of youth thanks to her treatments and facials and products.I cannot live without her!

Karen Farina | Elk Grove Village, IL


 Terrylynn's services are a royal indulgence! Her pampering facials are always on the top of my list and the products she uses just can't be beat. I always feel like my whole body glows afterwards. I truly enjoy the calming atmosphere of the treatment room. The music and the spa ambiance always puts my body into the deepest state of relaxation. It is for these reasons (and more!) that I make sure to get in her appointment book every time I come into town.

Michelle Wendt/ Washington DC


 My experience was very gentle and the results were amazing! She not only helped my teenage acne, but erased dark spots. The environment is very tranquil. Terrylynn is very friendly and professional.

Paige Adle/ Mundelein,


Terrylynn is my go to resource to keep my 50+ year old skin radiant! It's the best spa experience I've had, including the Mandarin Oriental!

Amber Lynn


It was the miost relaxing experience!I've had both treatments on both my back and face. Years of acne scarring was erased in just one session and my skin felt great!

Miles English


I have had facials every 6 weeks for the past two years from Terrylynn and my skin is beautiful.  Along with the facials and using the products she recommends, I'm looking younger. I even get these comments from my friends and acquaintances. She never recommends anything that is not necessary for me and had even told me "you don't need that", which is appreciated. Each time she does a facial, she looks at my skin to see what I need for that particular visit as skin changes. I always leave feeling like the skin on my face can breathe better. It is always more radiant looking as well as softer. I have less lines around my eyes and forehead than I had before and I'm 60 years old. That says something! I love the soft music, the massages, and the paraffin hand treatments that go along with the facials at no extra cost. Terrylynn is the greatest! I just love her.

Patricia Felak  Libertyville, IL


Dear Terrylynn,

How can I thank you!!! I'm just addicted to your facial and massage, between the ambiance and the magic of your hands, the wonderful scent and texture of your products, it's an hour of pure paradise to me.

Thank you.

Danielle speck/ Libertyville, Il.


I am writing to "thank you" for the wonderful treatment services you have been giving me. When I met you I was sold immediately just by looking at you. I knew that if your skin looks as beautiful as it does, you must have wonderful secrets to share. Little did I know that you would provide these secrets with amazing care! I have been using the products you suggested for home care and have already seen noticeable difference already. I am also thrilled with the cost of your services. Your attention to detail and thoughtfulness while you are giving me a facial is greater than any facial I've ever had at much greater cost.

You can be sure I will be recommending you to all my friends and customers at YAYA'S!

Thank you again,

Sherree Rothstein | YaYa's Boutique


Dear Terrylynn,

I feel compelled to write to thank you for introducing me to your wonderful Line of products. Since using this Line along with indulging in your expertise with specialized facial treatments, I can honestly say that I have seen amazing results! I must also admit that I love the compliments that I am receiving on my "glowing skin".

It is refreshing to know that I no longer need to spend wasted time and money trying and experimenting with different products that make claims only to be disappointed over and over again. I value and appreciate your professionalism and warm atmosphere which you create and look forward to each one of my appointments with you, as when I leave my skin not only feels wonderful and free of impurities, but I also walk away feeling relaxed and refreshed!

Thanks so much,  

Taffie Iwanicki


One of the things I love so much about my facials with Terrylynn is that she knows how to make me feel special as soon as I walk into her spa room. She is very attentive, detailed-oriented, and educated about what she is doing. She creates a relaxing, refreshing experience while I'm there, and she always puts 110% into her work.

I have extremely sensitive skin, skin allergies, and Rosacea. I have not had reactions or flare-ups with any of her facials or products. She knows what to use on my skin and what to recommend. I am thrilled to finally be able to have treatments that smooth, soften, and hydrate my skin.

Thank you Terrylynn,

~Kim Bockay | Oswego, IL


"She raises the bar of excellence"

I had been a loyal client of a high-end salon in downtown Chicago where I received facials for over twenty years. When I left my place of employment in the city I went on a yearlong search in the north shore for a knowledgeable esthetician.

My search ended by a stroke of luck when I was hired as a client concierge at a medi spa where Terrylynn was was Senior Esthetician. After only one facial I thought WOW..She raises the bar of excellence!

In the year I worked with Terrylynn I never received a single client complaint. Her clients always voiced praise and gratitude.

TECNIQUE: Terrylynn's signature technique not only entails the facail but the entire body from head to toe as she gently massages your shoulders, hands and feet during the treatment session. When the treatment session is over I not only look better but I feel better too. It is a total body experience.

PRODUCTS: There is no skimping on the products that Terylynn uses during the treatment. She uses the same high quality products during the session as the ones's she recommends for home care. She has the keen awareness of what your skin needs and applies the appropriate products to exfoliate, firm and hydrate. You can relax and let her do her "magic".

KNOWLEDGE: When Terrylynn is not doing treatments she is in continuing education classes, industry trade shows or reading up the latest developments in skin care. If she doesn't know an answer to a question she does the necessary "leg work" to get you the answer.

CHARACTER: As a past coworker and current client I have witnessed first hand her professionalism. She conducts herself with integrity, and honesty. If she recommends a certain procedure that entails an "upcharge" or a new product to introduce into a home care regime it is not self-serving. She had only the client's interest in mind. You can put 110% trust her recommendations.

Jodi Marcheschi | Past Co-worker | Client | Endeared Friend


When I first met Terrylynn, my skin was in desperate need of moisture repair. I've struggled with dry skin for many years and Terrylynn transformed my skin from dry and scaly to a moisture infused, dewy complextion that I had in my twenties. I have been a client ever since that first visit 5 years and am still reaping the rewards of her special treatments by constantly being complimented by others on my skin.

Terrylynn's passion for skin is evident in the way she treats my skin's unique needs. I always feel special when getting a facial from her. She really cares about her clients, offers many treatment options with her facials that include serum ampules and will only recommend those products that will truly benefit my skin's needs. She is a miracle worker.

I can also speak highly of the product line she retails and have become addicted to them. The products deliver consistent results in my skin by making it supple, moist and simply glowing. Thanks to you Terrylynn for always taking great care of my skin and for bringing the best skin care products to all of us.

Kindest Regards,      

Marina Lerin | Lincolnshire, IL


I was at an Open House at Estitique Wellness spa in Glenview and decided to book a facial at the time. I have had facials in the past but nothing compares to the facial that I received from Terrylynn. She takes the facial experience to another level. I have learned from Terrylynn that having frequent facials is really necessary to improve the quality of the skin. She has introduced me to products that really make a difference. Any spa that has her on board is very fortunate.

Chrissy Roman | Morton Grove, IL


"I highly recommend Terrylynn".

I've had facials in the best spas from Canyon Ranch to the Ritz.. and No one has come close to the level of service that Terrylynn provides. She is the most knowledgeable esthetiician around!

I recently completed a series of treatment facials. It seemed like an extravagance at first, but quickly realized that to see real improvement in my skin.. sporadic facials weren't working. The 3 part series by her were amazing. Each facial was customized depending on what my skin needed monthly.

Terrylynn even includes extra masks, massage and ampules that are upcharges at other places. In addition, Terrylynn will never sell you more product than you need. I've asked for products that my friends were sold and she actually talked me out of buying them, stating my skin did not need them.

Your skin is in the BEST hands ever!!!

Warmest Regards,      

Jenny Larson | Glenview, IL



Thank you so much for being an incredible esthetician. I look forward to my facials each month. You do an incredible job with my skin and take the time to individually renew my skin's appearance at each appointment. thanks for for being so great!

Alana Boorda | Glenview, IL



I really enjoyed my first and only facial and am anxious to get one in another few weeks. I have tried the samples you provided me and really like the way they make my skin look and feel.


Rae Ellen Wilming | Grayslake, IL


I have been getting facials from Terrylynn for a year and can't say enough wonderful things about her professionalism, industry knowledge, technique, and choice of high quality products geared for individual skin types. I have extremely sensitive skin and Rosaea. Every time I used to get a facial at a Chicago spa, my Rosaea would flare up and I would break out.

I have had no problems with any facial Terrylynn would give, just glowing, moist, soft skin. Terrylynn has taken numerous courses on treating Rosaea and it certainly has paid off in treating the condition. In addition, for over 10 years I used name brand, expensive department store facial products that never seemed to combat my dry skin. The products that she suggests are more effective and less expensive than the high end ones in the department stores. My skin has never been in such good condition. I have numerous friends with different skin types who are regulars with Terrylynn and they too rave about her facials and products.

Linda Bottomlee | Glenview, IL


Dear Terrylynn,

Just a quick note to tell you how much I enjoy our facial sessions.

Your gentle skills turn "just a facial" into a much anticipated break from daily life. I always leave feeling beautiful,not just inside, but also on the outside. With your kindness and friendliness, you truly treat the whole person. Thank you.

Karen Reid | Round Lake, IL



Just wanted to thank you again for your wonderful facial! I truly enjoy this hour spent with you. I am so happy Rhonda referred you to me! I especially appreciate your genuine attention to me, my needs and desires I totally understand why you are as sucessful as you are and it is clear how much you love what you do.

See you next month!

Michelle Hobson | Libertyville, IL


Hi Terylynn,

I really enjoyed my treatment so much and my face does feel great!

Best facial ever!!!

I am so excited to continue working with you. I would like to become one of your regulars, every 6 weks, and ask you to set up my appointments with your reminders to me every 4 weeks so I can be in every month. Can't wait for the next one!

Thank you so much!

Patti Shanks | Libertyville, IL


I was not always fond of having a facial since my previous experience left me with blotchy, sensitive skin. I would hide behind huge sunglasses and a hat until I got home where I would hibernate until the redness and sensitivity subsided. The technician, obviously not a scholar in her field, had squeezed, pulled and rubbed my skin with what seemed like a steel wool pad.

Needless to say, I was skeptical about facials. That all changed the minute I walked into the soothing, relaxing atmosphere created by Terrylynn. Her charismatic nature immediately put me at ease by asking questions about myself, any sensitivies or allegies she asked.

Terrylynn has been my "Go-To" Skin care expert for over 7 years! Not only does she customize each session based upon my current skin care needs, she knows deeply about which products are truly efficacious. If you want a trusted expert, plus to feel pampered, Terrylynn will over-deliver on your expectations and results!

Rhonda Baron | Vernon Hills, IL