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Under the age of 20, a natural exfoliation occurs within our skin's structure, dead skin cells are shed naturally and replaced by new cells which occurs approximately every 28 days. As we age, this process slows down and we need to boost this exfoliation process with more frequent peels and facial procedures. If you are 35 yrs. old or older it is recommended to have a facial every 4-6 weeks to maintain healthy skin.


Classic Facials / for teens and young adults


 Purifying Deep Pore Facial / $85  60 minutes/ for problematic and acne skin/  add on LED BLUE LIGHT, additional $30  

includes a deep pore cleansing, facial massage, enzyme peel, high frequency to kill bacteria, extractions, and an oil balancing mask, followed by an oil free moisturizer

Roscea LED calming treatment /  60 minutes. $130    LED amber light is used to help calm and reduce inflammation in the skin. desensitize inflamed sensitive skin types, calming and soothing the flushing condition in Rosacea clients.

Luminous Vitamin C /              60 minutes$90
For all skin types. Evens out skin tone and has a brightens the skin tone and fights free radicals that break down the skin, due to it's high content of antioxidants

Back facial /                        45 minutes $85
A deep cleansing of the back area, includes extractions and conditioning masque. Great for controlling breakouts in athletes and oily clients.


Signature Rejuvenation Facialssuggested for clients 35 years of age or older

These dramatic, rejuvenating "treatments" include Fruity Acid Peels, with no down time, concentrated SERUMS. See noticeable improvement with each consecutive treatment:


Caviar Power                 60 minutes  $120
For all skin types seeking extra moisture and support. Rich in vitamins and trace elements, amino acids and DNA marine pearl extract.

Hyaluronic Infusion/    80 minutes$140 includes  20 minutes RED LIGHT THERAPY
Hyaluronic acid is a natural component in our skin, commonly used in Restylane fillers to plump up lines. As we age, this component greatly diminishes, resulting in fine lines and loss of elasticity. This treatment hydrates, nourishes, firms, and tones the skin by using ultrasonic application.

Brightening Facial/       60 minutes  $90

This facial uses cosmeceutical antioxidant ingredients to rejuvenate and brighten the skin.

Collagen Infusion/       60 minutes  $120

Refines fine lines and strengthens the skins elasticity


Red Carpet Treatment Facials, the ultimate in skin care rejuvenation:


High Performance Plant Stem Cell advanced treatment/         90 minutes $150

The newest cutting edge treatment using Swiss apple stem cells, known to be the rarest and most efficient in healing and regenerative properties. The ultimate exfoliating and hydration treatment.

Serums are infused with LED light therapy machine for deep penetration into the epidermal layer, the procedure is finished with a self-renewing cocoon stem cell mask infused with collagen and plant stem cells that combats chronological aging by boosting the production of human stem cells.

100% Freeze Dried Collagen, Peptide or Hyaluronic Treatment with 20 minutes LED Light Therapy $140  70 minutes

This is a revolutionary breakthrough in skin care technology, 100% freeze dried DNA marine collagen, Peptides, or Hyaluronic serums in the purest form is infused with a booster serum containing peptides and antioxidants that actually penetrates the deepest layer of the skin where new living cells start their journey to the surface. The process encapsulates new cells from below and encourages your own collagen to stimulate from within. LED light is applied to stimulate your own collagen by stimulating sluggish cells, producing a firmer complexion. A collagen liquid jelly masque containing additional peptides and antioxidants is then applied to reinforce the production of collagen!

When our collagen depletes as we age, fine lines and wrinkles appear, the more loss of collagen, the deeper the wrinkles. This treatment is a must for increasing moisture and showing signs of the loss of elasticity.

This treatment is for anyone that is 35 years of age or older seeking to preserve youthful, radiant skin. Also a fabulous treatment prior to a special event where you want to look your very best!   Treatment is 90 minutes


NEW!!!   24 Karat Gold Collagen Mask Treatment/ 70 minutes $140  (includes 20 minutes LED light therapy)

This skin rejuvenating facial revitalizes the skin with the healing ingredients discovered in ancient Chinese medicine. Gold is one of the vital metals utilized by the body to rejuvenate, condition, and balance the electrolytes. When infused with ultrasound, the gold particles are absorbed in the cells below, helping to diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and reduce the signs of fatigue and stress. This mask will reduce hyper pigmentation, moisturize, hydrate, and brighten the skin.

FACT: Did you know that several cultures such as the Chinese and Russians will actually ingest gold on special event cakes? It is a tradition known to heal and protect the body and balance the electrolytes in the body.


NEW!!!  The Non Surgical Facelift/    90 minutes $140 with 20 minutes LED red light therapy

This treatment contains pure collagen that supports healthy cells with firming, lifting results . LED light therapy is applied to further increase the collagen levels within the skin's structure.


CELLUMA FDA approved LED Light Therapy Facials/  90 minutes  $130

For all skin types! An FDA approved anti-aging machine, scientifically documented. The relaxing warmth of this machine will energize the cells, reduce the depth of wrinkles by increasing collagen levels, tightens elasticity, and produces a firmer, softer complexion. 

It combats acne by killing bacteria and reduces inflammation. LED light therapy was developed by NASA over 40 years ago specifically engineered for astronauts to help heal injuries by stimulating living cells that produce collagen.

LED RED LIGHT stimulates collagen up to 400% and is the greatest anti-aging tool for pre-mature aging because it energizes cells.

LED BLUE LIGHT is used for acne, heals and reduces inflammation and also kills bacteria causing acne breakouts.


  • strengthens elastin fibers, accelerates healing, increases nutrient levels within the cells by energizing them, and reduces fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Increases serotonin levels, wonderful for SAD sufferers in winter months
  • rejuvenates aging skin
  • combats acne by killing bacteria causing acne
  • calms inflamation

What are Microdermabrasion Treatments?

Microdermabrasion is a process of exfoliating dead skin cells incorporating a machine using fine corundum crystals that will gently sand away fine layers of dead skin, producing a porcelain appearance to the skin, virtually reducing the  signs of aging caused by age and solar damage.

Microdermabrasion benefits: 
-Reduces the signs of aging by stimulating collagen production
-Stimulates cellular turnover
-Softens fine lines and wrinkles
-Reduces the appearance of scars caused from acne
-Minimizes pores and clears congested skin and Stimulates the production of collagen -

Brighter, smoother, and younger skin is seen and felt!

a series of 6 or more applications, depending on the condition of the skin, are suggested to start the program, then maintenance treatments with each facial.

Microdermabrasion treatment choices available:


  • The Ultimate Deluxe Microdermabrasion Facial/  EVERYTHING YOU NEED!     90 minutes $165

This is a TOTAL SKIN REJUVENATION FACIAL!  It starts with a thorough cleansing of the skin.The crystal machine will do a double pass over the surface to be treated to remove dead skin buildup, extra refining over troubled areas such as crows feet and upper lip lines, and acne scars. Following the microdermabrasion a chemical peel solution, with no down time will be applied, customized for each clients needs that will further reduce fine lines and smooth the skin's surface. Several serums rich in antioxidants and peptides are applied to reinforce the skin's structure. LED red light therapy is applied to stimulate new cells and encourage your own fibroblasts from within to PRODUCE new collagen. A full European massage of the face, neck and shoulders and back will relax and soothe the entire body. To complete this Deluxe facial a peptide enriched liquid jelly cocoon masque will firm and tone the muscular structure, adding additional moisture.

Faster results are seen with this full Deluxe treatment due to the added assistance of a chemical peel, results oriented clients will choose to continue the program series with the Deluxe, scheduled every 6 weeks, or review the options below.


  • The Lunchtime Microdermabrasion  Treatment/   30 minutes   $100.00

This is for the person On the go, no time for the deep shoulder, and back massage, just wanting the procedure to complete the series suggested. No disrobing necessary, 2 passes over the skin with the machine, a serum is then applied and a conditioning mask that follows and out the door in 30 minutes with great results. These treatments are repeated every 2 weeks till results are achieved.

  • Maintenance Add On/ to any facial/ 1 pass over face during any facial for only $40

Microdermabrasion add on for décolleté, chest/      $40

Facial peels
Refine and smooth uneven skin tone and texture, brighten dull skin, minimize fine lines and wrinkles, and reduce the signs of aging. Peels lighten sunspots caused by solar damage and encourages the skins' cellular turnover, producing collagen production. When superficial layers of skin are removed, either by microdermabrasion or chemical peels, it encourages new collagen to surface and 'rescue' the skin. Consult with your aesthetician to discuss which peel is best for you. A series of 4-6 peels, one every 2 weeks, is suggested as a treatment program for optimal results.

any peel can be done in sessions, 2 weeks apart, or as an add on to any facial

  • Alpha hydroxyl Peel    $50 all skin types/ exfolliates and prepares the skin for extractions
  • Lactic peel                    $50 all skin types/ brightens and lightens hyperpigmentation, add moisture and hydration
  • Glycolic Acid Peel       $50 for oily, acne, congested skin type
  • Fruity Acid Peel           $35 all skin types/ add-on to facial
  • Glycolic Arm Peel        $35 smooths and softens 
  • Glycolic Leg Peel         $65 smooths and softens

Ultimate Add Ons:

  • LED light therapy added onto any facial            $40
  • Microdermabrasion Add on for face                   $40
  • Microdermabasion add on neck                         $20
  • Microdermabrasion decollete/chest                   $40
  • Eye Rescue/ hydrates and firms                            $25
  • Neck Rescue and collarbone treatment                  $40
  • ultrasonic cleaning.                                                 $10

    Foot Reflexology with hot stones/ 25 minutes     $45

    Indian head massage/    10 minutes                      $20

  • Peptide/collagen cocoon masque                     $20
  • Eyebrow tinting/                                                  $20
  • Reiki/ a balancing of chakras                             $65


Eyebrows                                                                   $12
lip wax                                                                        $12
Eyebrow/ Lip combination                                       $20
Bikini wax starting at                                                 $30
Lower leg wax starting at                                          $40

Full leg wax starting at                                              $75 
Arm wax starting at                                                   $45
Side burns, cheeks                                                  $15
Chin                                                                           $10